Sunday, December 9, 2007

Amnesty International and Beijing 2008

This weekend I came across some interesting articles in my search for more information about China and the 2008 Olympics:

BBC article
Sports Illustrated/CNN Article

AI (Amnesty International) has threatened to boycott the games, citing that the country has supressed its people in the name of creating stability for next summer. It will be interesting to see how this develops. China needs the Olympics to affirm its current status in the world, and although a large, full-blown boycott of the games next summer seems highly unlikely, they cannot afford bad press.

Additionally, I've included the links to the Amnesty International press releases:
AI America: Amnesty International Charges China's Human Rights Abuses Risk Blighting Olympics Legacy
AI UK: Human Rights for China: The Olympics Countdown

There is also an interesting blog here on Blogspot (graphic images) fervently dedicated to preventing China from having the Summer Games in 2008.

I will be following this topic as the Olympic torch makes its way to Beijing in August.

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