Thursday, January 10, 2008

Modern American Journalism: A Cartoonist's Viewpoint

This 2006 political cartoon by David Horsey (found on the and Controversies database online) confirms my thesis. The image speaks for itself. How much do we hear about Britney Spears (with her increasing health and familial problems) compared to news from Iraq? It is frighteningly unbalanced. Even with attention given to the 2008 election as American picks its next president (and politicians and pundits alike bring up the War in Iraq, among other hot topics related to America's future), little will change when it comes to the country's fixation with tabloid journalism. Has it become a permanent replacement for news?

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Bieds said...

The Associated Press now writes two styles of headlines. They release a traditional headline, as well as a 'feature' headline for stories.

It seems that us Americans have such a poor attention span, we even need our news jazzed up. Be affraid.